It's Always About the Little Guy

James Cramer notes that hedge fund disasters only happen because middle-class investors are allowed to invest (indirectly) in hedge funds. This is a striking departure from the populist tone of his first book, in which he argued that regulators were depriving investors of access to the best managers by setting onerous net-worth requirements for hedge fund investors. What's changed? The charitable answer is that Amaranth's collapse convinced him of what Long-Term Capital Management's didn't: That hedge funds are too risky for all but the most sophisticated investors (and that sophistication is directly correlated with wealth; Paris Hilton being a more qualified hedge fund analyst than your average finance professor). The uncharitable answer is that now that he's out of the hedge fund business, he wants to distance himself from the riskier, seedier side -- it's one thing to be associated with an industry that deprived a millionaire of a few spare millions, and another entirely to be the spokesman for the freewheeling traders who accidentally liquidated Grandpa's pension by betting the wrong way on a financial contract that Grandpa didn't even know existed.

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