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It's been a few months since I added any sites to the blogroll, but the stockblogosphere is still expanding at a breathtaking rate. Here's a sampling of some interesting sites to check out:

VInvesting.com -- A combination blog, forum, finance portal, and investing community site, VInvesting has lots of content, all of it user-generated. This sort of site is a compelling combination of the generally anonymous forums that populate the online financial world, and the highly personal blogs that keep springing up. I suspect we'll see lots of VInvest readers and posters 'graduate' to blogging on their own. In the meantime, give it a look.

Technically Speaking -- I'm no technician, and I'd be at a loss to tell anyone what 'on-balance volume' is, much less how to use it. But anyone can appreciate a thorough, well put-together site that, on occasion, goes absolutely nuts with font colors. Sometimes, it's enthusiastic enough to make Cramer look sedate:
When I was a kid, there was a sci-fi program Lost in Space with a very goofy robot and a family with a youngster, Will Robinson. Invariably, the family would be in some kind of intergalactic trouble, and the robot would shout, "Danger Will Robinson." So now you know.

If the robot were on my computer today, he'd be screaming, "volatility Will Robinson." On the TC2000 scans I'm running, the short scan ideas have fallen to 175, and there are 277 stocks over 50 dollars with NR7 patterns, meaning the market could easily blast off or crash down, although one would figure some expiration Friday pinning action would also be in the offing. Todd Harrison at www.minyanville.com opined that 1200 on the SPX could be a price magnet, one that disappears after expiry (never advice).

Finance Geek -- He hasn't posted since February, so why am I adding him? Simple -- this "Equity guy in a fixed-income job" has posted some absolutely hilarious, well thought-out stuff: The Third Point letter to Salton's management is the first laugh-out-loud proxy war declaration I've ever read: "I suppose that if Third Point were to have a website, rather than the feel-good background of two shaking hands, we would likely depict a well-worn boot colliding with the backside of an incompetent manager."

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